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Foods to Stop Eating Immediately!

#eatgreen Project puts together personalized meal plans dependent on what you like. This blog is a generalization of what to start doing right now! The conversion plan is a starter plan created for the meat eaters that are ready to change their life. Going vegan? Great! I can help you because I know first hand its not easy. Most people quit the lifestyle so quickly because its like when they finally do give it a try they don't know what the heck to eat and feel like they are starving. (Tip #1- Try to eat what you already like to eat and just replace everything with vegan stuff. For example: you can swap out ground beef with smart ground; or shredded cheese with vegan shredded cheese; coconut oil instead of butter. The point is, you have to start somewhere.) No, the replacements won't taste exactly like it but your taste buds will change over time. This is just something to get you started. You don't have to have something different each day, if you find a few meals that you like, stick to that and perfect them. This plan just gets you into vegan practices. Understanding what our foods actually do to us will play a big factor in the foods you choose to consume here forth. The following is mostly my opinion merged with some well researched facts. My goal is to save more of my people and sustain quality life. By omitting the listed foods from your diet you are most likely to lose weight, cure your current ailments and even more possible reverse a man made disease.

List of foods to stop eating immediately to convert to a plant-based diet also know as vegan

#eatgreen Project's List of foods to stop eating immediately to convert to a plant-based diet also know as vegan: #1 Meat - This includes all animals: beef, pork, chicken, fish, turkey, goat, seafood, eggs. This can be found in cans of vegetables, Worcestershire sauce, ramen noodles... etc.(Tip#2 - Read all ingredients! Most of the foods you should stay away from are found in a lot of things you would not even think. Additionally, red meat is a direct cause to diabetes. Chicken as harmless as people think can lead to cancer just like soy. It almost is not safe to eat anything but plants so why not do just that? #2 Dairy - This is from an animal so of course this includes: mayo, butter, cheese, milk and several products that contains milk. Sorry, Doritos, most baked goods, and milk chocolate is in this category. No more creamer for your coffee because even the non dairy creamer contains: milk. If you can master 1 and 2 then you may be ready to move on to cutting out processed foods and so forth but that can be too overwhelming at first. For now, what to eat: plants, fruits, vegetables, beans and lentils, with small amounts of brown rice and potatoes. There are stages of a vegan and this is just a start. I work with each one of my clients to give them the ultimate eatgreen experience. Each one of my meal plans come with a calendar, grocery lists and recipes, along with free consultations. I also will be adding on detox and fasting plans soon. Tune in and thanks for stopping by.

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