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Hold Your Nose and Drink!..New Detox!

So, my partner out of the blue says,'Make this detox with me...". I was open to it of course and said, "ok, sure." I asked what is it? She says,"It's celery water, I heard it gives you a flat stomach." Now me being the person I am (a know every detox that's good for you) Don't really like the idea of some nasty old celery water. I normally don' recommend man-made vegetables (which I will get into another time) but I am always willing to try something to see for myself if it works. However, I don't have a flat stomach issue, the releasing of toxins is my thing.

Comes with a punch!
Nasty ole' celery-water w/a twist

It takes: Fresh Celery pureed and water go figure. This just sounds awful even if you like celery, but not the hardest thing to make. So, I never can just follow someone else's recipe, I can't help but to create my own version of everything. I couldn't just do this with two ingredients I had to add a few things that I knew could be useful in the punch-packed celery water. I tasted it regular and then got it back into the blender for some accompaniment. I first thought to go the sweet way with some pineapple and parsley but then I didn't have either so we added: Tumeric (for gastro), Basil, Ginger (for heart and taste) and cinnamon. Needless to say, this didn't help much with the taste but it helped with the detoxing.

It might not be your favorite consistency but just hold your nose and drink. My partner's detox end up being a poop-tox and I even sweated out toxins. I was surprised because I generally don't have a lot of toxins with my plant-based diet but at the same time I know I have been eating too much of that fake meat that is not so good for you.

Anyhow, happy pooping everyone!

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