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Quick-Ass-Poor-Ass-Vegan Meal #2- Vegan Chili-dogs and Fries

Since I've been vegan and my family has gone mostly vegan, I now am the only one that goes grocery shopping or does any real cooking. I, like everyone else, do not have time to prep for gourmet vegan meals everyday so I came up with these quick-its. This quick ass vegan masterpiece can literally take no time to make in the microwave depending on what you want to add into the chili.

You could trade it all out for corn tortilla chips its so good!
This has been remixed 1000's of ways and its only gotten better!

Total time: 15 minutes tops

Total cost: under $20 Although you may have most of this stuff already.

First, get the fries going because they will take as long as all the other stuff combined.

Ingredients for Fries:

I just get some vegan frozen ones from the store and throw them in my air fryer for 15-20 minutes. I do this before I start my chili so they can get done around the same time.

Next, drain your chili beans you would use for regular chili and get to mashing them up in a microwave safe bowl. After they are mushed up good add the following ingredients:

a small can of tomato paste,

olive oil,




liquid smoke,

chili powder,





and the optional meatless ground with or without soy or vital wheat gluten. This has been remixed 1000's of ways and its only gotten better!

Part of why people have a hard time maintaining a vegan lifestyle is because it is not quick and convenient like all the foods they are use to. It takes preparation and planning. However, I didn't have time for that either!

If I had more time I would saute the veggies in a skillet with some olive oil but for time sake this all goes stirred up with the mushed beans. Add water or vegetable broth for desired consistency, throw in the microwave stirring every two minutes and adding more water or vegetable broth because the beans drank it all up and it dries out a bit.

Next, shake your fries in the air fryer so they wont stick. Then, prepare the vegan sausage if you are doing dogs. I like to use vegan sausage because the ingredients are closer to natural as opposed to the awful full of cancer vegan hot dogs. I sliced them in half because they fit the bun better that way and saves food. I fry these lightly in a pan of olive oil just enough to harden a bit on all sides. Stir the chili.

So by the time you have stirred, fried and shake a few times for perfection, you get your dog dressed your way, or as shown add the optional vegan cheese and vegan sour cream. You should be able to pull out those fries at the same time and do the same. Also, you could trade it all out for corn tortilla chips too, its so good! This is a family favorite, you truly will enjoy this quick ass poor ass meal.

( To convert this meal to plant-based just take out all the vegan substitutes and eat the chili without mushing it up.)

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