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Vegan Smegan!

People get caught up on the jargon of what a vegan truly is. Some vegans are what we like to call 'hard-core vegans'. They are saving animals and not wearing leather or eating honey. Some only eat fruits and veggies; Drink more water than eat food. There are also: the freezer section vegans and all-natural vegans. Hence the title, Vegan Smegan, for the #eatgreen Project, it is all about your true intentions behind choosing to be in opposition of our carnivorous counterparts. Are you saving animals? Are you trying to lose weight? Or are you saving yourself from health woes? What does this change in lifestyle mean for you?

L. Yeah G. supports good health...true health!
Ready or already started converting to Vegan?

Welcome to Vegan Smegan Blog post. We we're thinking you are ready or already started converting to a vegan. Well we want to help you first really determine what a vegan is to you and hopefully get you started or help you continue on your journey. I will share ideas, grocery list, meal plans, detox solutions, fasting programs and more! In this first series, its really just about the transition to vegan. I will have two other series that will get deeper and deeper into a plant based lifestyle. Depending on how deep YOU want to go, subscribe, comment, or contact us if you have any questions. I will share updates about the #eatgreen Project, trends, news, and more.

The #eatgreen Project is a simple program that aids other in choosing health first. There are several versions of what a vegan is but our version we’d rather call: a plant-based lifestyle or (PBL). We know that going vegan is a thing these days and you could potentially be a part of the seen-a-documentary turned vegans. We fell into that too, lol, but that wasn’t enough for us. We needed to know more, just like you. With so many loved ones dying in such a short period of time, researching plant-based diets became our coping mechanism. Additionally, we all have had our own health issues that stressed us out when doctors were clueless.

People are getting sick and dying too early for our comfort and we wanted to do more about it, period. It’s not good enough for you to say I’m going to eat better because the world we live in almost forces you into eating trash. So, we did massive research and started to follow health professionals and holistic healers, on food and disease. The more information we sought the deeper it got. We ran test on ourselves just to make us believers first. We are certainly believers now. Please know that what we found has changed our lives forever and we hope the information will have the same effect on your life.

Now, most people can’t turn vegan over-night even if their life depended on it and that’s why we are here. People have a hard time creating a routine and finding the time to prepare for vegan cuisine and usually give up rather quickly. We want to help you transition into the lifestyle and help you hang in there for the rewards it brings.

What we discovered and now truly believe is that: true love can only come from true health. We should never let our food control us yet be thy medicine. Our bodies are amazing and when given the proper foods that were meant for the human body, it can virtually heal, well not virtually, it can heal itself.

We want you to sustain quality life, be healthy and live long. Join the #eatgreen Project and help us keep our people alive.

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