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Stress is a Serial Killer: Defend with Green Foods

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Stress is the number one killer in America and it does not stop at just one person. It can and will attack us all, but how do you handle it? There are many ways to relieve stress but I stand firm on defending stress with green food. If you eat the right foods and actually keep your Ph balanced, you have more defense against stress. I understand everyone can't just jump into plant-based living or veganism and even if you start today it would not relieve the stress as fast as people want. So, I have listed 5 tips that can help along the way but first I will break down the science of it all by answering the following questions:

_What is stress?_ I said it is a serial killer what did you expect here? No really, stress will attack your mental, cause headaches and commence in killing up your insides. Stress is not just when something or someone is getting on your nerves by the way, its when your Ph is unbalanced. You either have too much alkaline or acid or have too little alkaline or acid. It turns out the balance thing has meaning, you have to center the weight or one side will tip over. With alkaline and acid they have to both be at 7 and whenever either of them are off, it effects your stress levels and overall health. The unbalancing is causing your body to work overtime and it eventually needs a day off.

_What is happening on the inside of your body when you are stressed?_ Cortisone levels are raised and if not lowered in a timely manner signals are sent to the brain that vitals are under attack. The body has to stop digesting food to work on this new problem. Basically, it seems as though the body already do a lot of work and this stress has lurked in and is holding up production. This loss of production is very costly on the body and could ultimately lead to death.

_What to do about stress?_ Below is a list a 5 things I would suggest for stress relievers:

#1 - Eat green people! Every thing leafy is good and seeded is good. For example: collard greens, green beans, green seeded grapes, cucumbers...and the list goes on longer than you can imagine. There is a difference between man made vegetables and real vegetables. I know, it is hard to tell these days. Most man made foods are acid based and real vegetables are alkaline based. We are alkaline beings but must stay balanced. With man made foods being very acidic beyond what the body really needs that should tell you one thing; stop eating it. Anyhow, veggies I used to love, such as; broccoli, cabbage, kale, carrots just to name a few; I have cut down or out completely because they are man made.

#2 - Nasty ole (ACV) Apple Cider Vinegar(w/mother)! My kids hate this stuff but my pallet has grown to love it and all its wonders. It is good for the inside and outside of your body if you know what you are doing, it could also be very damaging if you don't. The Acetic acid that the vinegar is made of is better than the ascorbic acid in the vitamin C supplements. It helps get those cortisone levels down in no time. But you can't just drink it straight, there are rules to this. You don't want to burn up your throat do you? or corrode your teeth? There are many ways you can make it but here is what I do: I take one or two cap fulls of ACV and pour it in a bottle of water. I used to add lemon and cranberry juice or add it to my fruit smoothie but I just drink it straight with no chaser now. It is also good for a good detox foot bath by just adding those couple of cap fulls.

#3 - Detox. A lot of times are body is causing the stress and we have no idea its from the foods we eat. So, within days you can strip your body of the toxins so that it can get back to regular stuff it is supposed to do like defend off stress and maintain healthy living. If you want a quick and easy detox you can simply do some celery water for 3 days. Or there are so many herbs and spices that are good for teas. Then there are the foot baths that I mentioned. There are many ways to detox but do it for at least 3 days because it takes about that long to be completely cleaned out.

#4 - Fast. This doesn't have to be a long event but it will certainly help you 10 million times longer than it takes. This is another one of my 3 day rules. Now I have heard there is an art to fasting but I have not quite mastered it yet. I do know that this goes hand and hand with detoxing because how are you going to completely clean your body if you are still eating? Go on a liquid fast with whatever detox method you are using, for best results. I will get deeper into fasting in another blog but just note: stop digesting for a bit give your body a break, eating only feeds the stress.

#5 - All the other stuff you hear that relieves stress and that actually works go for it! Like exercising is perfect if you have that kind of time or lifestyle. Walking, swimming or dancing are my favorite work-outs. Then there is meditation or talking with a shrink that could be helpful. Really just adopting a life-line hobby that you can do as routine stress reliever.

You are bound to win with any of my home remedy options above but I do understand if you have not mastered any of these elements and its too hard. I hope that you should contact me if you need assistance. I have also provided other resources for stress if my list don't accommodate you. Check out my advertisers products below for alternative methods. Happy stress relieving!


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