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Vegan All Over AGain

It’s supposed to take 21 days to create or break habits but how do you break a habit that’s always been around: your eating habits? I went vegan for two years and I still desired chicken. I can do away with all the other meats but chicken has always been a staple. The smell of it and the many different dishes are loved around the globe how could I resist?? Well I didn’t, I slipped on off that vegan train and as expected all of my old health woes returned. I felt horrible because here I was a health guru helping many people reverse diseases and gain control of their lives and I slipped up. Being vegan isn’t perfection btw although I felt amazing, it got harder to commune and socialize. I wanted to eat with family I wanted people not to make such a fuss over my diet restrictions, I wanted it not to be awkward around my people because of what I eat or lack thereof.

Falling off, my mental status changed though. I started feeling depressed and easily frustrated and not so on top of things. It was clear the foods I eat make or breaks me mentally and physically and I have to take control again.

I have proclaimed to return to my meatless life but going vegan is not as easy as the first time. The first time I had to go through a lot of grief to motivate me to eat better. This time no real grief just wanna feel better.

So, the discipline needed here is mind power. I know what bad foods do and very educated on how the body works with certain foods but will that stop the cravings? No! cravings will still occur but to defeat them takes work. It will take planning out grocery trips and menus and being very purposeful when nourishing your body.

It helps to rid your entire house of animal and animal biproducts. It’s too tempting to even have around. And after a month this should be no problem.

Also, understanding what your cravings mean. Just because you have a taste for chicken that doesn’t mean you need it, it probably just means you need protein and that’s what your memory bank tells your body where you get your protein from.

Women craving chocolate during that time of the month really just means they need iron, right? If we understand these things and be proactive we can stop our cravings. Give your body what it needs ahead of time. Which giving your body what it needs versus what it wants, is what being a vegan is about. Eat to live and not live to eat. Besides what’s more powerful than you??? Your tastebuds? Determination to relieve your body of trash is a must but don’t think it have to happen overnight. Slow down your intake of trash and ease your way back into healthy eating, even healthy thinking quite simply healthy living. Trust me, I know first hand how hard it is to go back into a short lived era and easily get in the routine of old habits but stay strong and persistent. You can do it again even better this time. This time can be different it can be better and you can join the Eatgreen project for your support in this journey. It will take a village to order your steps so don’t keep it to yourself, join us, let’s discuss…don’t do it alone.

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